The Fog Lifted

A man name Greg remembers growing up as a happy child. His days were filled with laughter and adventure. He was loved by his family, successful in school, enjoyed being an athlete and in the eyes of many lead a blessed life.

When things went wrong during his late teenage years Greg blamed the people around him. He continued with a growing bundle of excuses when he became an adult. No one was without fault except Greg. If he dared to point the finger at his image in the mirror the pain he felt quickly changed his mind. Life became chaotic. A. thick fog encircled him.

Greg soon was homeless. Found himself in the ICU section of the hospital. Death lurked in the shadows. Greg didn’t care. He tried numerous times to lift himself out of the rut he found himself in but each time the demon drink dragged him down.

He researched all number of sources hoping to find an answer. He needed the world to be wrong about him. Greg could not escape the truth. Greg was an alcoholic and would always be one.

Greg finally threw in the towel. He accepted that it was indeed his fault and he decided to fight for his life. He began to see worth in being him. He began to believe in him. He looked at his life and recognized how wonderful the people around him were; how loving his family was ; how important his relationships were and he found the will and strength to change.

If you talk with him he will tell you he has to fight every day. That it is not always fun but he never wants to go back to those dark days. He urges every one on this path to stay committed to the fight and never give up. We wish him continued success.

Published by Penname : Nichu Seong

Geography, Geology, Astronomy , Weather, main interests. Active social conciousniess. .Admirer of human will to survive.

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