The Sustained Signal by Nichu Seong.

With the fast pace of this world silencing the quiet mild voice of the average human being it is the will to survive which succeeds in subtracting one’s self from the din and deluge quickly swallowing up the remaining stragglers. The chariot awaits the courageous.

Communication is a trusted key given to us upon this planet starting with the sounds within the forest. For centuries the drum has been used by the people of the forest. It has served as the form of long distance communication beginning a long history of marriages and births. The most known and spoken of drum is the Talking Drum. Heard by those in the market place, it allowed for gatherings where passers by told stories, danced and spoke of upcoming journeys.

Next in communication were the message drums. These were constructed of wood alone. To construct the drum a log was hollowed out and given long narrow openings and empty chambers. Subsequent vibrations varied with the thickness of the wooden walls. The type of wooden stick used to form the sounds also affected the understanding of the messages as did whether the drum was held aloft.

In Papua New Guinea, the message drum TokPisin is still a viable part of the forest’s communication system. In Africa, or an area named Tropical New Guinea, there is a popular form of communication called Drum Telegraphy used for contacting others far away. For example, upon deciding to enter the the forest a person’s intention was carried through the woods in advance of the visitor’s arrival.

In drum communications a rhythm or signal can represent an idea; it can repeat the profile of a spoken utterance; and it will always be subject to musical laws. Signals are unaffected by spoken speech patterns and/or new expressions. Drums and their laws lack the ambiguity of today’s stereotypical and unnatural tonal language. It is further protected from extinction or replacement by using a proverb or honorary title whereby the expanded versions of animal and bird are included with a rhythmic and melodic motif only to the level of their immediate concern.

A leap of faith combined with logic urges mine own musings to consider whether the weather and our continued stay upon this planet has much to do with this sustained language of Signals.

Published by Penname : Nichu Seong

Geography, Geology, Astronomy , Weather, main interests. Active social conciousniess. .Admirer of human will to survive.

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