Living With Aids

Photo Credit: Adam Niescioruk on Unsplash

In 2018-2019, the average number of souls living on this planet managing a personal diagnosis of HIV and AIDS is 37.9 million. The number handling the necessary antiretrovial therapy number 23.3 million on average. Sadly, the number of funerals that were held is 770,000 plus 32.0 million for those that died from AIDS-related illnesses.

Years ago, at the beginning of the epidemic in the 1980’s, the life expectancy for someone with this diagnosis was bleak. Today, it is no longer listed under the category titled ‘ life-threatening ‘ but instead is classified as a ‘ chronic health condition’ along with diabetes and heart failure. This encouraging change in status is due mostly to the improvements in medical therapies such as ART ( antiretrovial drugs ). The original added life expectancy for a 20 year old surviving with HIV rose from 11.8 years to 54.9 years; an impressive rise of 43 years.

Even with an optimistic outlook before them, HIV-AIDS patients must learn to handle the inflammation that accompanies long term use of the therapeutic drugs. These drugs create pathways in the body that heighten the risks for cardiovascular disease, lipid disorders, insulin disorders and endocrine disorders. They can also interrupt blood flow which then causes the death of bone tissue otherwise known as avascular necrosis. The findings from one study show that the brain of a person with HIV is older by seven years than the brain of a person who does not have HIV. More and more health experts are adopting a holistic approach to the problem of accelerated aging. When caring for these patients it is the outstanding diligent work of nurses which must be commended.

In June of the year 2021, it will be 40 years since the HIV-AIDS epidemic began and although there is no cure the progress deserves to be highlighted. For those with the disease who are looking to socialize there is available The HIV Match Community And Meet HIV Positive Singles.

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