” MOM! ” ” Check under the bed, check the closets mom. “

Danielle is one of a number of children, young ones just after toddler age, that fear each sunset. They stare blankly into empty space or so the onlookers think yet the boys and girls will tell you that in the spaces of the approaching dark are monsters.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc c/o Unsplash

The monster is the person who seeks to cause harm while fully realizing the nature of his act is both cruel and selfish. To his/her victim the monster is larger than life, ugly and frightening and not of human origin.

Danny loves to hear his granddad’s stories of his life on the farm. When he died his mom got married and his new granddad’s stories were very different. Danny became withdrawn and rebellious at school. When his mom asked him what was wrong, Danny would look into her eyes and motion to her to be quiet because the monster might hear her.

Who or what is the monster in a child’s world? When attempting to console or reassure the child, the young one will often tell you that the monster never sleeps.

It is rarely disputed that evil exists. Sometimes it lurks under the same roof as the victim. Or perhaps you recognize it in the quiet somewhat strange neighbour next door. Violence plagues the family and their surroundings today. There is a lack of trust and friendliness in society causing a growing belief everyone is out for what they can get no matter the cost. Society is breaking apart, fracture after fracture, cracking beyond repair. Through the cracks disappear the children. The monster has been let loose.

Life is unfair, ask any abused child.

All around the world conversations continue about the need for changes in family law, child welfare, social norms. Fighting amongst ourselves is not working. Working together will create harmony. Differing opinions is not wrong but fighting about them; that is the problem.

A posse of self appointed vigilantes is not going to protect the children. The monster will be the winner cause the child will have lost the parents.

So how do we put the monster/monsters to sleep?

Published by Penname : Nichu Seong

Geography, Geology, Astronomy , Weather, main interests. Active social conciousniess. .Admirer of human will to survive.

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